Thursday, 19 November 2009

how to feed your bird

The variety of bird seeds and mixtures on the market is staggering. A great bird seed to feed the birds any time of the year, especially in the winter, is the kaytee waste free bird seed. this high protein bird seed is great for providing birds with lots of energy and the fat content helps birds to thrive all winter long. this bird seed is made with a variety of millet, black oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn and other tasty ingredients that birds love to eat. this high fat bird seed is perfect for building up fat stores for winter survival and the birds love the great taste. Wild bird seed mixes usually consist of black-oil sunflower seeds, millet, striped sunflower seeds, and one or two other types of seed and they will attract most species of bird. Wild bird seed comes in several different forms for attracting new species of wild birds to our backyards. Black-oil sunflower seedsthe black-oil sunflower seed is probably the number one bird seed for wild birds.Wild birds that are known to eat this wild bird seed include blue jays, cardinals, and sometimes woodpeckers. Cracked corncracked corn bird seed is used to attract some of the larger varieties of bird species such as eastern bluebirds, jays, pheasants, and game birds. Milletmillet, which is a large part of many bird seed mixes, is a tiny pin head sized round seed.This bird seed can be used in various types of feeders, including hopper feeders, tubular feeders, and tray feeders. Some bird seed mixes are available in most grocery stores but the wild bird seed suppliers are usually found at pet centers or wild bird centers. Depending on what types of birds are normally present in your area in the winter, you can purchase feeders and bird seed that will attract the types of birds you want to feed. Bird seed bread2 c white flour2 c wheat flour1 c oats1/3 c sunflower seeds1/3 c millet1/3 c wheat bran1/3 c flax seed1/4 c sesame seeds2-3 tbs dried yeastblend together in a large mixing bowl. You put this in your bird feeders and after a short while the squirrels stop eating the bird seed.Organic birdseed -1 lbs- bird seed mix for small, medium & large birds- feed for songbirds, parakeets, parrots, etc.

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